What is the best time to visit Vietnam?

From the Southernmost point of Vietnam to the border with China in the north the country spans over one thousand miles. The geography varies widely, from the flat Mekong Delta to the mountains of the north, from the coastline and arid regions to the jungles of the Central Highlands. Because Vietnam is so diverse, the weather can be dramatically different in two areas of the country at the same time of year.

Northeast Monsoon

Like other Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam’s weather is heavily influenced by two monsoons. The northeast monsoon predominates from October to April. In northern Vietnam it can get downright cold during this period, with snow possible in the mountains, and all areas north of Hoi An can be relatively cool. This monsoon also brings wet weather to the northern half of the country. In the south, the northeast monsoon brings the dry season, which can be scorching hot towards April.

Most tourists visit Vietnam from November to February, when there’s not much rain and the weather in the south is not so hot. However, if you’re going to be spending the majority of your time in the north and would rather it not be cold you might be better off between May and September.

Southwest Monsoon

The southwestern monsoon brings warm and humid weather to the majority of the country from late April to late September. In the southern half of the country there are often short but strong daily downpours during this time. From July to September Vietnam is vulnerable to typhoons and flooding from heavy rain.

When to Go

The months of October through January are likely best if you’ll be traveling the length of the country. April through July are nice times in the north, and May through July can also be great in the south if you don’t mind the cooling afternoon showers. Although there are ideal times for different areas of Vietnam, with the right clothing you’ll enjoy your trip at any time of year!

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